Rental Policies

PF Properties supports and follows the state and federal housing laws. PF Properties does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ancestry, national origin, religion, sex, marital status, familial status, status with respect to receipt of public assistance, disability, or affectional preference. Any act or practice believed to constitute discrimination should be reported to PF Properties. Reports will be promptly investigated and immediate action will be taken to eliminate any act or practice that violates the fair housing laws.

Applicants – Each adult (18+) applicant must produce government issued photo identification and fill out an application. There is a non-refundable fee to process the application. Applicants are encouraged to read these policies to determine if they will qualify for occupancy before paying the non-refundable fee. Information on the application must be complete and verifiable. If application information cannot be verified, this is a basis for rejection. Submission of a false, misleading, or incomplete application is a basis for rejection or termination of a lease approved based on a false or misleading application.

Minimum Income – Total household income should be at least three times the monthly rent after taxes. For example: To rent a $600 per month apartment, household income should be $1,800 per month.

Housing History – Each applicant should have two years of continuous and verifiable housing history with good rental or ownership references. Good rental or ownership references are references from a prior landlord, management company, or lender not from relatives, family members, or roommates. Good references mean a history of prompt payment, proper notice given, satisfactory housekeeping standards, lease compliance whether a previous landlord or lender would rent or lend to you again, and no other problems at a former home (see exceptions for first time renters).

Occupancy Limits – Occupancy limits are as follows:
Studio = 1 person
One Bedroom = 2 persons
Two Bedroom = 4 persons with no more than 3 adults*

*The restriction on adults in our occupancy standard is designed to promote maximum housing opportunities for families with children; but not to limit adult roommate situations and the problems with parking, guests, and building traffic that multiple adult roommates may involve.

Application Process – In taking an application and showing an apartment, we are each contemplating an ongoing business relationship. PF Properties is dedicated to treating you with professionalism and respect. In turn, we request a businesslike and courteous attitude. If any comments or behaviors during the application process lead us to conclude that this will not be a positive business relationship, this is grounds for rejection of an application.

Credit History – A credit history will be required for each adult applicant. Occupancy may be denied where any applicant has poor history of paying debts in a timely manner.

Criminal History – PF Properties reserves the right to reject an Applicant who has a criminal history involving convictions for crimes against person, property or drugs.

Exceptions – Exceptions are not made in our occupancy limits. Exceptions may be considered for applicants who do not have a housing history because they are first time renters or applicants that are acceptable but for household income and credit reasons. An exception will usually require the applicant to supplement the application with additional documentation and to provide greater financial security to management, such as advance payment of the first and last month’s rent.

Screening Service – PF Properties will use one of the screening services below:

Rental Research
7525 Mitchell Road #301
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
Rental History Reports
701 5th Street South
Hopkins, MN 55343

The screening service fee charged by PF Properties is applied to the costs of our Resident screening and the use of the Residents screening service. We will not take an application and a screening fee unless we have an apartment available, or reasonably believe that an apartment will be available in the future.

Your rental community, its Owner or Manager does not provide, guarantee, or warrant security. We do not represent that your unit or the rental community is safe from criminal activities by other Residents or third parties. Each Resident must be responsible for his or her own personal security and that of their household, children or property. If you observe any suspicious activity or potentially unsafe conditions, please notify Management. If illegal or immediately dangerous or unsafe conditions are observed, call 911. Remember: please call the police first if trouble occurs or if a potential crime is suspected.

Upon request, the Minnesota Attorney General's Office will provide you with a statement and disclosure of the significant legal rights of owners and tenants of rental dwelling units. For further information, call 651-296-6196 or write to Attorney General's Office, State Capitol, St. Paul, MN 55155.